Welsh Athletics U15 League Match 1 West Division Haverfordwest Saturday-04-May-2019
Track Events Field Events
Event No Time Event Age Group Result Event No Time Event Age Group Result MATCH SCORE
T01 12:00 PM 80m Hurdles U15B Results F01 11:00 AM Hammer (4.00kg) U15B Results 1 Swansea Harriers 1015
T02 12:08 PM 800m U13G Results F02 11:00 AM Hammer (3.00kg) U15G Results 2 Pembrokeshire Harriers 924
T03 12:16 PM 75m Hurdles U15G Results F03 11:00 AM Javelin (400g) U13G Results 3 Carmarthen Harriers 821
T04 12:20 PM 800m U13B Results F04 11:00 AM Long Jump U11B Results 4 Bridgend AC 551
T05 12:28 PM 75m Hurdles U13B Results F05 11:00 AM Long Jump U11G Results 5 Pontyclun AC 363
T06 12:36 PM 800m U15G Results F06 11:20 AM Shot (4.00kg) U15B Results 6 Brecon AC 341
T07 12:40 PM 70m Hurdles U13G Results F07 11:30 AM Pole Vault U15B Results 7 Llanelli AC 338
T08 12:48 PM 800m U15B Results F08 11:30 AM Pole Vault U15G Results 8 Neath Harriers 293
T09 12:52 PM 75m U11G Results F09 11:45 AM Discus (1.00kg) U13B Results 9 Barry & Vale Harriers 200
T10 1:08 PM 75m U11B Results F10 12:00 PM High Jump U13G Results Overall Table
T11 1:24 PM 100m U15B Results F11 12:00 PM Shot (3.00kg) U15G Results 1 Swansea Harriers 1296 Cup Final
T12 1:36 PM 100m U15G Results F12 12:45 PM Javelin (600g) U15B Results 2 Pembrokeshire Harriers 1189 Cup Final
T13 1:48 PM 100m U13B Results F13 1:00 PM Shot (3.00kg) U13B Results 3 Carmarthen Harriers 1109 Cup Final
T14 2:00 PM 100m U13G Results F14 1:00 PM High Jump U15G Results 4 Bridgend AC 698 Cup Final
T15 2:16 PM 1200m U11B Results F15 1:10 PM Long Jump U13G Results 5 Pontyclun AC 545 Plate Final
T16 2:32 PM 1200m U11G Results F16 1:10 PM Long Jump U15B Results 6 Llanelli AC 535 Plate Final
T17 2:48 PM 1500m U15B Results F17 1:35 PM Discus (1.25kg) U15B Results 7 Brecon AC 516 Plate Final
T18 2:56 PM 1500m U15G Results F18 1:45 PM Javelin (300g) U11B Results 8 Neath Harriers 498  
T19 3:04 PM 1500m U13B Results F19 2:00 PM Shot (2.00kg) U11G Results 9 Barry & Vale Harriers 261  
T20 3:12 PM 1500m U13G Results F20 2:20 PM High Jump U13B Results Leading Teams By Age Group
T21 3:20 PM 300m U15B Results F21 2:25 PM Discus (1.00kg) U15G Results UNDER 11 BOYS
T22 3:28 PM 300m U15G Results F22 3:00 PM Shot (2.72kg) U13G Results Carmarthen Harriers
T23 3:36 PM 200m U15B Results F23 3:00 PM Long Jump U13B Results UNDER 11 GIRLS
T24 3:44 PM 200m U13G Results F24 3:00 PM Long Jump U15G Results Swansea Harriers
T25 4:00 PM 200m U15G Results F25 3:15 PM Javelin (500g) U15G Results UNDER 11 BOYS & UNDER 11 GIRLS
T26 4:12 PM 200m U13B Results F26 3:30 PM High Jump U15B Results Swansea Harriers
T27 4:24 PM 600m U11B Results F27 4:00 PM Javelin (300g) U11G Results U13 BOYS
T28 4:32 PM 600m U11G Results F28 4:10 PM Shot (2.72kg) U11B Results Swansea Harriers
T29 4:40 PM 150m U11G Results F29 4:15 PM Discus (0.75kg) U13G Results U13 GIRLS
T30 4:56 PM 150m U11B Results F30 5:00 PM Javelin (400g) U13B Results Swansea Harriers
T31 5:12 PM 1000m walk U13G Results Timetable UNDER 13 BOYS & U13 GIRLS
T32 5:12 PM 1000m walk U15G Results ATHLETES OF THE MATCH Swansea Harriers
T33 5:12 PM 1000m walk U13B Results U11B         UNDER 15 BOYS
T34 5:12 PM 1000m walk U15B Results U11G         Pembrokeshire Harriers
T35 5:22 PM 4 x 100 relay U11B Results U13B         UNDER 15 GIRLS
T36 5:26 PM 4 x 100 relay U13B Results U13G         Pontyclun AC
T37 5:30 PM 4 x 100 relay U15B Results U15B         UNDER 15 BOYS & UNDER 15 GIRLS
T38 5:34 PM 4 x 100 relay U11G Results U15G         Pembrokeshire Harriers
T39 5:38 PM 4 x 100 relay U13G Results
T40 5:42 PM 4 x 100 relay U15G Results